Saturday, March 06, 2010

In addition to

our usual Sunday offerings of a sermon (just below) and Fr. Wells' Bulletin Inserts, we have sandwiched between them a new post from Fr. Nalls entitled "In the day," and a link to my brother's Australian TV interview. Just scroll down on the main page.

Also, for convenience, under "Favorite Blogs" I have removed the word "The" from each title where it formerly appeared. This creates true alphabetical order.

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charles said...

Hello Fr. Hart,

Under "favorite blogs" (I hope it is a favorite), would you be interested including the River Thames Beach Party? Death Bredon and myself post there (I rarely). Also, Kevin at Ohio Anglican, Richard at Midland Agrarian, and Nicholas at Comfortable Words (an excellent Anglican resource site). I kind of see the River Thames Beach party as a blog made by Anglican lay people concerned about the future of Anglicanism. I think RTBP has a link to your Continuum blog too.

Here is the RTBP address:

You will surely like comfortable words. If you have yet to see Nicholas's blog, it's really excellent-- head and shoulders above RTBP.