Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eduardo Verastegui's pro-life video

The following is from a website run by an actor. This is painful to watch, as painful as the films of Nazi death camps. The problem is that, whereas those films are history, this video falls under the category of current events.

Weep, be shocked, be horrified, but above all, PRAY.


Anonymous said...

I clicked on the video, fast-forwarded, saw body parts and shut it off. Forgive my contentiousness, but what's the point of posting this father?

People know what abortion is about. They can't plausibly claim igorance. A large percentage of people are just sick and don't care. We live in a death-cult society. Take a look at halloween celebrations now. My neighbor has 4 young children and they host a halloween maze in their home every year. This year the MOTHER was pictured in the local gazette wearing a blood-drenched labcoat and holding a severed head. Look at the garbage in the movies and on TV. Why don't they just go ahead and show holocaust footage and snuff films?

People that HAVE children defend it. What would they say to little Johnny? "Gee Johnny, I'm glad you're here and I love you but it was my right to kill you if I wanted to and no man was gonna tell me different. Lucky for you I didn't exercise my right to remove you like a wart. Did I mention I love you Johnny??"

We live in a time with more material security than any other time in human history yet it's ok to do this if you're not "ready" for parenthood or don't want the responsibility or don't want to be told what to do. Sick, sick sick. God will punish us for this.

Two weeks ago last night, some lady in our church defended the a-word with vile tripe along the lines of "no man's gonna tell me what to do with my body" right in front of the priest and he just sits there like a coward and says nothing. My wife has more cajones than he does. She told the woman what she is. Yet he's a pietist when it comes to anything pc. He loves to rant about all the "slack-jawed appalachian people" that oppose our president elect or the dark ages when women couldn't vote.

I've no interest in a faith that's pietist towards everything PC and non-judgemental antinomianist about traditional Christian morality. I'd sooner go to a snake-handler church.

John Dixon said...

I spent several days at the local abortion clinic praying with other people in conjunction with 40 days for life. Our efforts convinced at least 6 women to turn away. The place had the feeling of death all around it. I approached some workmen and asked them to consider that the money they were making was blood money. They could not look me in the eye.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Forgive my contentiousness, but what's the point of posting this father?

The point is to provide a resource. Girls are being deceived every day into having abortions because they don't see, and don't know, that what they carry in their wombs are not "blobs of tissue," but little human beings. This resource may be hard to watch, but it may also save lives.

So, I am glad to to have posted it, and offer no apologies.

Anonymous said...

Well bless you father, I hope it works. I suppose I never knew what to think when I saw the groups on campus displaying these types of pictures. I didn't mean to suggest that posting it is a mistake. This particular thing really bothers me a lot. The helplessness of the victims and the lack of pity in the baby-haters. I just don't see how someone can't understand what they're doing. And so many people that clearly do are so vicious and callous about it.

Bless you too John. That's a nice example of how we can help through acts of charity directed at individuals rather than as "activists."

Anonymous said...

The Nazi Holocaust in moving pictures drove home the horrors in a way that mere words cannot explain. The new Nazism of our day deserves broad daylight publication. It's a horrible truth to swallow -- but we can't with our culture sanitize this grim reality.

I couldn't finish the video -- I was too disturbed at our collective wickedness. What must our Thrice Holy God think?

Thanks, Father Hart. This is a service to the world.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Hart, thank you for posting this resource, which I have downloaded from the website for future use. I saw an abortion video at church when I was a teenager in the early 1980's and I'm so grateful for the courage of those leaders. I think the truth about abortion needs to be presented in a way that makes a lasting impression on the conscience such that it cannot be rationalized away. I thought this video was well done: both graphic and yet compassionate, sad and shocking yet not hateful, just as it should be.

Anonymous said...

I am from Poland but leave currently in Switzerland. As a teenager I saw an antiabortion movie Silent Scream at my religion class. It shows abortion proceeding being filmed by a USG. I could see the baby struggling for life, his heart beating faster and faster, and his mouth open in a silent scream. I really cannot imagine that anyone watching this movie could ever consider doing it. I think prolife organizatios should do all they can to reach the schools. In many countries gay and lesbian lobbies have free access to school and they can come there with their propaganda to tell teenagers they should experiment with their sexual orientation, they can start sex whenever they want provided they use contraceptives, etc. Those people with their antitraditional values enter the schools with a blessing of liberal European goverments and there is no counterarguments. I think prolife organisations should really put more their resources on educating young people and not let them be brainwashed by liberal lobbies. And I do not agree that there is no reason showing graphic images. There is. People nowadays have to be shocked really hard till they understand something and those images of killed babies I am sure would made an impact even on those thickskinned ones.