Sunday, November 23, 2008

Advent Pro-Life Project

A friend, Fr. David Straw of Trinity UECNA in Evansville Indiana sent me this account of what his parish is doing this Advent. Check out the two websites, one from his parish and the other from the group to benefit.

Here is our parish's Advent project.

Fr. Nolden and I thought it might be nice to do something for the pro-life cause. We decided that we and our parish membership would "put our faith into action". Helping young women who have chosen the life of their children, rather than the darkness and destruction of abortion would help everyone understand better what the birth of our Lord is all about.

Fr. David+

There are Crisis Pregancy centers and similar outreaches everywhere that could be valuable partners for any church desiring to make such a witness. I know of at least one other parish that has followed the lead of these brethren. Could others do likewise?


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Alice C. Linsley said...

There is one such outreach here in Versailles, KY called "The Nile", a reference to Moses being saved from destruction. It is an outreach of King's Way Assembly of God Church and worthy of support.