Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Lenten Series (VI)

On the Damnation of the Lost

My soul, consider what is the unhappiness of the lost, the eternally damned. Look upon hell, as it were, upon a wide rolling plain, a trackless and blasted waste, full of deep holes and sulphurous pits. Gaze down "on the land that is dark and covered with mist of death", "the land of misery and darkness where the shadow of death and no order, but everlasting horror dwelleth" (Job x, 20-21). Then, for sorry and hateful company thou hast the lowest and fiercest devils, fearful to the sight: a dwelling place from which thou wouldst flee.

There, for ever is the mind turned aside from God and filled with hate of every good purpose. The damned are fixed in their lot amidst blackest despair, raging fire, and stench-filled flames. Icy cold freezeth them there; and there is the "worm that dieth not", darkness so thick as to be felt, blind hatred of God, and torrents of violent blasphemy against his name. There is the sound of gnashing of teeth, of crying, of sobbing, of wailing and of sighing. Friendship here on earth in a merry partnership of sin shall there turn to hate: their former friendship but increasing and deepening their torments.

If thou wilt think well on all these things thou wilt the more heartily spurn this world and all its vanities. Thou wilt ever keep thyself in a holy fear lest thou should offend God, and merit his foretold chastisements. For, great fools are they, who for anything whatsoever, whether concerning mankind at large, or of things carnal, earthly or temporal, put themselves in danger of falling under so heavy a disaster and punishment.

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Alice C. Linsley said...

May those who have ears to hear, hear and may they cry out for mercy in this life. May they receive mercy and grace to amend their lives. May I hear and receive mercy, for I am a sinner. Lord, have mercy upon me and do not cast me into utter darkness, for I love You, Lord Christ. Though you slay me, yet will I love You and put my trust in You.