Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Lenten Series (IV)

On God's Gifts

My soul , think well on the many wonderful gifts which thy high and mighty benefactor, God, hath conferred on thine unworthy self. Thy whole being, thy life, thy senses, thy mind, are all from Him. And whatsoever thou hast of well-being in soul or in body is his gift. Were a limb or one of thy senses to be wanting thee, as for instance, thy sight; wouldst thou not love him who should restore to thee that limb or sense that was lost? Why then art thou ungrateful and disobedient towards Him who hath lavished so great things on thee: who ceaseth not to uphold thee, who maketh his sun to shine upon thee, who feedeth thee and giveth thee to drink, and looketh to thy vesture alway? He cumbereth thy soul with graces and ceaseth not to bless thee. Daily doth He call thee to repentance and waiteth on thy turning to Him. He standeth ready to fill thee with gifts of the Holy Ghost and every grace of soul, and promiseth Himself to thee as thy reward. By how much the higher and more worshipful is thy benefactor, and his gifts more precious and more freely bestowed, by so much, o my soul, measure thou thy sin's ingratitude.

Now therefore, do thou render Him due thanks for all. And whatsoever is an offence in the sight of thy benefactor, do thou with all care avoid; and whatsoever thou mayest do to his honour, do it manfully!

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