Monday, May 01, 2006

RIP James Orin Mote

Bishop James Orin Mote of the Original Province of the Anglican Catholic Church passed from this life at 8:45 p.m., 29 April at Indianapolis.

He was one of the original four Bishops Consecrated at Denver for the Original Province of the Continuum and a champion of the pro-life movement many times suffering imprisonment.

Joseph DeHart, Archdeacon, ACC diocese of the Midwest, at The York Forum.

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Fr. John said...

It was my privilige and honour to know Bishop Mote and on one occasion to say Mass for him.

My most vivid remembrance of him was at a diocesean synod where I ask him for a few minutes of his time. I told him that I was concerned about my anger which would at times boil up so much that I feared it was a sin.

He asked me what I was so angry about and I told him. He didn't even take a moment of reflection before replying, "You should be angry about such things!"

I really liked this guy.

May he rest in peace.