Saturday, May 06, 2006

From Strength to Strength

It is still less than six months since I created The Continuum, and we are going from strength to strength.

In the past few hours, we passed 10,000 hits since the site was born back in November, and the average daily readership is on the rise. From a low of around 40 hits a day, we are now up closer to 100.

That is due in part to the kindness of fellow bloggers, who have linked us from their sites.

It is also undoubtedly due to the work of my contributing editors -- Father Robert Hart, Father Matthew Kirby and Reader Ed Pacht. I would like to thank them again, publicly, as I have privately.

There are two things that I regret, though.

I had hoped for a great deal more conversation here than we are experiencing, and I would encourage more direct participation by readers -- either in commenting on existing posts or proposing new ones.

Secondly, I had hoped for more involvement from the Establishment, particularly in terms of linking us from provincial, diocesan and parish sites. To date, as far as I know, only the Anglican Province of America has done so, and I thank them.

I would imagine that some of our readers are decision-makers in their respective branches of the Continuing movement, and I would urge them to get the word out about us. Others among you may be nothing more than what the wags like to call "bums on pews," but you have a voice as well. Please exercise it.

Of course, all of what I have just said presupposes that you think it is worthwhile plugging The Continuum. My vision is for this blog to become the preeminent site for news, analysis and commentary on the Continuing movement. It only will if you help us to make it so.

Over to you.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam.


Continuing Home said...

"My vision is for this blog to become the preeminent site for news, analysis and commentary on the Continuing movement."

I am happy to hear this -- and will do what I can (though I can't really imagine what) to help support this vision!

I've seen some of the "ECUSA-based" blogs dismiss Continuing church members out-of-hand.

(Though I can readily forgive them because I held that very same attitude right up to the end of a 1928 Order for Holy Communion service in a Continuing church that I unknowingly visited... I have been a member of that same parish for over 23 years now.)

Continuing Home said...

One small thing that would be interesting to know stems from a comment by The Continuing Anglican Churchman, to wit:

"The APA has absorbed a number of smaller continuing Anglican jurisdictions over the years..."

I am curious as to the jurisdictions that have been "absorbed." One would think the such re-unifications of the splinters would be notable, but outside of the REC-APA merger I've heard of only one -- some group who... joined the APA!

Fr. John said...

I am happy to link you up on the St. Hilda's parish web pages. I will figure out how to do it asap.

Would you all reciprocate and provide a link to St. Hilda's and my new blog?

Here are the addresses:

Looking forward to networking with you!

In Christ,
John Roddy+,CSH