Thursday, June 02, 2016

Starvation in Sudan

This information was sent via email. Please do whatever you can.

Dear all,

More from South Sudan: here in Canada, having received the news from Bishop Garang that the famine situation was worse: some 200 or so members of the diocese severely affected by starvation, we were able to send CDN$400 to be collected at Western Union in Nairobi by his wife, Tabitha, who would make the transfer to Aweil, and the Bishop. When she arrived at Western Union, with her passport as ID, the clerk advised that the money had already been collected. So, now we have a claim with Western Union: they say it may take up to 10/12 weeks to resolve: but in the meanwhile, the people starve, and we do not have the funds to send more money right now: can you help? Paypal available at the website

In Christ,

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