Thursday, February 19, 2015

That Corinthian Problem

For those who are following the Daily Lectionary, I see that you will be reading I Corinthians for a while. I wrote a feature article on the whole epistle a few years ago, and it may be useful in understanding how it  fits together.

The Long Reach of an Infamous First-Century Church
by Robert Hart
The disarray, foolishness, and sin that St. Paul addressed when writing his first extant epistle to the Church in Corinth have worked to our benefit, for they gave rise to teaching in the Scriptures that has been needed throughout the subsequent history of the Church, and that we need today. As the selling of Joseph into Egypt was used by God to save Israel from famine, so can anything be used by God for good. This is one aspect of Providence. Thus, we see how the sins and foolishness of the Church in Corinth were used by God through Paul to give us salutary words of Holy Scripture.

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