Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sermons to wrap up the year

Having been sick of late I beg your indulgence with this double re-run. Click here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. Hart,

I was not aware that this, your blog existed until you mentioned it in your sermon today, Nov. 25, 2012.

I "leafed" through the many posts and discussions. Although I had theological training for four years at university, I do not find that I have a right to enter into the pro- and anti- arguments presented. However, I found it interesting to read about the questions that are in the various Anglican or Episcopalian camps.

My personal opinion can be summarized in the fact that I am an intruder into Anglicanism or the Anglican Catholic Church in Chapel Hill. I am grateful that you have welcomed us in Saint Benedict Church though we are Melkite Greek Catholics. There is nothing in your Mass that we disagree with and we experience rich religious emotion and faith every time we participate in your Anglican Mass.

Having written the above, we continue to appreciate and deeply respect the way you accepted us in your church and supported us during the difficult time of my nephews passing. Saint Thomas More which used to be our parish church has become a loud sounding drum with very little substance because the do's and don't's which they practice, as well as their lack of all encompassing love for us -- we were persecuted out of country and home church in Lebanon but did not find any "home" in the Saint Thomas More Roman Catholic Church, thinking it was the closest to our rite in Chapel Hill.

Finally, I must admit that you had welcomed us to the table of communion without any test of our articles of faith or theology. I write this because, though we agree with Anglicanism on the Creed, we still have not forgotten our Catholic "picadillos," such as veneration of Saints especially the Mother of God, the Theotokos and other matters of faith and moral theology. The latter sometimes go too far or do not go far enough.

What matters for me, at the end of the day, is the fact that I fully recognize the validity of the Anglican Mass contrary to Roman Catholic teaching and I find nothing that I disagree with in this liturgy.

Thank you for being Christ-like in a world which is loosing Christ in the adjective into becoming X-like -- like the Xmas for Christmas.

May the God Lord bless you and all those who serve with you. You are a shining light in a relatively non-flashy community of believers.

Your humble brother in Christ,
Salim Khalaf

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Thank you Salim. Of course you are welcome. I believe we have a truly ecumenical and orthodox catholicity that creates a home for a large divers family of believers, any and all who really do believe the Creed.

Matthew M said...

May you be Blessed with a speedy recovery from your ailments. Hope all is well with the ACC.

Caitlín said...

Dear Father Hart,

I am sorry to hear of your illness. You will remain in my prayers.

Kathleen Swan
St Bartholomew's, Woodinville, WA
Anglican Province of Christ the King