Monday, October 24, 2011

A few things for today

Our series on The Articles will continue. Fr. Wells is slowed down by the pains in his arm (he broke his arm in France - sounds like a song title). Pray that he will recover, and that our work goes on unhindered.

Concerning the progress towards unity (which we must attribute to the Holy Spirit above all others) that I mentioned late on Friday after returning from the Provincial Synod, and to answer a question bound to arise; yes, all the bishops present were vested during the Synod Mass, and everyone had Communion. The old days are already over.


Timothy said...

I look forward to commentary on article XV. If I could be so bold, could I request that the commentary include how this relates to the RC doctrine of the Immaculate Conception? Specifically, is it possible to hold to the IC and the 39 articles without perjury, as Christ ALONE was without sin? Thanks!

Donald said...

Dear Fr. Hart,

"The old days are already over."

AMEN! and praise be to God.

And you're so right Father, when you say that the progress toward unity amongst the Continuing Church jurisdictions is of the Holy Spirit. Every Bishop who spoke at the Synod confirmed a firm commitment to unity, in God's time. Thanks be to God we are being led at this time by wise and godly men!