Saturday, June 18, 2011

News tidbits

As posted on VOL:
AUSTRALIA: Why I Resigned from the ACCA

By The Revd Fr Brian Tee 
Special to Virtueonline 
June 14, 2011 
...In 2003 Archbishop Hepworth had assured the National Synod of the ACCA that the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) was not seeking "to become Roman Catholics", that it was "close to clearing the hurdle on the validity of orders", that it was "a requirement of the TAC that we will be received as a complete community", and that a "Communion agreement is being seriously pursued by both sides." In Perth, Western Australia, in 2005 he reported to the local Synod, "[T]he TAC was forging ahead with its plans to become a Church in communion with the Holy See"; we would be "in communion and using our own liturgy."

This is not what we were offered.

See it here.  (I always feel obligated to point out that the ACCA is not the ACC, but rather the TAC body in Australia.) 

And, from CatholicHerald USA:

A prominent ex-Anglo-Catholic has shut down his blog in wake of news that his ordination as a priest in Britain’s ordinariate has been “deferred”.
John Hunwicke, former Anglican priest at St Thomas the Martyr, Oxford, and former Senior Research Fellow at Pusey House, said there had been a “misunderstanding” about the content of his blog.  

He added: “I shall promptly delete any comments on it (or emails sent to me) which are in any way whatsoever critical of the Catholic Church, or any of its officers, or of the ordinariate.” 

You may read the rest here. 
Ah, nothing like free speech and open communication. Just think; it's not enough that Fr. Hunwicke is pro-RCC: He has to answer for it if any of you commented unfavorably about the RCC. Now that's the Rome we know, the Rome of the Caesars (and I don't mean Sid).


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Fr. Hunwicke's own comments stating his orthodox position on Biblical sexuality got him deferred.

According to one commentor on a UK-RCC blog, Fr. Hunwicke offended some folk in charge in his new Church:
"...did he just express disagremeent with some of Paul VI's acts? Is this the new litmus test for ordination? How about Alexander VI? Innocent III? Boniface VIII? Are scholars who aspire to ordination allowed to express any criticisms of their acts? The English Church continues to ordain men who are in violation of the Congregation for Education's 2005 document, yet balks at Hunwicke because he's not uncritical of the decades of the rainbow chasuble?
Let's not delude ourselves. Hunwicke didn't "break" any rules..."


Fr Gerard said...

Actually sir, Rev John Hunwicke's deferral is something we know little about in detail and it would be ungracious to pick over the bones of this man's discomfort. One can only pray that the matter is, as I am sure it will be, speedily resolved. Of this I am sure, he has not been deferred because of the comments anybody else has made on his blog.

Anonymous said...


Please don't post my anonymous post last night about Fr. Hunwicke's is just internet gossip and second-hand at that. I have no idea of the reliability of the author.

It would seem that the Western Canterbury Communion seems to be no more or less populated by clergy actively practicing homosexuality than the RCC.

So, if Fr. Hunwicke was outspoken about that, he may have riled some rainbow feathers and been punished for it.

The Tolerance Demanders can't seem to give what they demand from others.

May the Lord bless each of you in your work and draw us all into Himself.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Fr. Gerard:

But, it was Fr, Hunwicke himself who said it; "He added: “I shall promptly delete any comments on it."

The authoritarian and heavy-handed Roman way is, in the present circumstances, quite worthy - indeed, demanding - of attention. Some would do well to look at it and see it for what it is.

Anonymous wrote: is just internet gossip and second-hand at that. I have no idea of the reliability of the author.

The author is the reporter, Rachel Obordo, for The Catholic Herald, the source for what you call "internet gossip." But, when it comes to authors whose reliability is unknown, may we assume that your name is not really Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the Rachael Obordo article:

Two commentors believed they knew Fr. Hunwicke was deferred because he had been too outspoken on his blog in regard to priests practicing homosexuality. It was conjecture, but with what has transpired the CoE and RCC, it is all too believable.

Little Black Sambo said...

I think Fr Hunwicke's main offence is that he has an independent mind and welcomes grown-up discussion. It might not have occurred to him that people in authority would insist on treating us like babies. Free speech is part of our of our "patrimony". If we can't keep that bit the rest is not worth having.

RC Cola said...

Well, think of it this way. If a Roman priest were trying to join the ACC or other continuing church, would it not raise some suspicions if his blog had scandalous comments about archbishop Haverland, or Bishop Peter, or trashing Thomas Cranmer, or the BCP, etc., etc. It stands to reason that you don't wizz on the door of the people whose house you hope to enter.

Same goes for any secular job. If I posted on a prmoinent blog that I am going to work for Apple, would I leave posts that trash Apple and it's "fanbois"? No. Absurd.

This is a Non-issue that shouldn't concern us.

Esme Wharf said...

After much thought and prayer I have to say I was nauseated by Fr Brunswick's treatment at the hands of the Romans. I am by no means alone in this and indeed there is serious disquiet being expressed even in extreme papalist quarters. In the words of Glenda Lough of the Catholic Herald, for example: 'Poor soul, he must be sick as a parrot'. Not many people know that this blameless and devout soul was personally responsible for the wonderful 'Dutch Cap' among many other witty and intellectual coinages. Also permit me to distance myself from those extreme feminists who suggest that his support for muslim men who force their many wives to wear the burqua is the cause of his downfall. He will now doubtless sink into abject and complete obscurity, alas. A lesson for all those who gaze longingly upon the Tiber from time to time, impervious to the sharks that lurk beneath. Our Lady and S. Jude pray for him.

Winifred Godd said...

No one, especially a christian, would want to indulge in 'schadenfreude' at this woeful time for Fr Hunwicke, but it has to be said that this surely is what happens when one attempts dallience with a certain 'scarlet woman'. Manifestly what he must now do is to go, biretta in hand, to his superior (anglican) bishop and beg for forgiveness on his bended knee. A satisfying slaughter of the fatted calf will undoubtedly follow. But better still he should seek admission to one of the many continuing churches which have, quite reasonably, proliferated since the Church of England rejected Christ in favour of Marie Stopes, Germaine Greer and Sir Elton John.