Monday, May 30, 2011

Muslim persecution

We have been given permission to publicize this portion of an email from an Anglican Communion bishop in Nigeria, the Right Reverend John Danbinta. After the personal greeting it needs no editing and no commentary from me. 

Have just received this from the Bishop of Gusau, Nigeria.  Please pray for him and his desperate situation....Lord, how long?

... it has not been easy for us here after the general election that we just had last month. Over one hundred churches were burnt in Northern Nigeria. Thousands of people were killed and property worth millions of Naira were lost. It all happened after the announcement of our Presidential elections. The Muslims in the north started killing Christians and burning our churches. 

Our church and the Vicarage was burnt and our Pastor almost being killed. He has now been discharged from the hospital.

The Muslims were not happy because a Christian has been elected the President of Nigeria.. They want to continue to lead Nigeria even as they are not the only ones in Nigeria. Muslims are the majority in the Northern parts of Nigeria while Christians are the majority in the East and South.

Once more, please, continue to pray for us. 




Fr. Steve said...

This is not very surprising. Muslims have a double standard. They want to be treated equally in Christian nations, yet they want Christians to lie down and be beaten down in Muslim controlled nations and those where power is shared. The "Religion of Peace" is not very peaceful, which calls into question their claim to worship the same God we do.

Canon Tallis said...

Father Steve has it entirely right. In my area the local metropolitan paper says that Muslims are here to stay and we should be glad that this is so. Our state also contains what the FBI identifies as an active jihadist training camp. I also noted that a recent intel report contained the information that the sect mostly responsible for the Mumbai terrorist attacks already has sleeper cells in this country. All of this should tell us that there is probably a suicide bomber in our future.

But for the moment what we need to do is send what help we can afford to this bishop and his people.