Monday, June 01, 2009

The time

My last post appears to have been at 4:18 AM. Don't believe it. Remember, this international blog was set by Albion Land on Cyprus time.


Fr William Bauer said...

Well ... it's the right time for Albion!

It all depends on your subjective experience.
Unless one is a priestess, but that's another story.

Albion Land said...

Cyprus ... not Cypress!

And it's time for me to wrap up my workday -- at 10.10 pm Cyprus time.

Good night all.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Cyprus ... not Cypress!

Oops. And I can't even use the 4:18 AM as an excuse.

Albion Land said...

Don't worry, Fr Hart. You are in good company. I am about to mark nine years living here, and still have relatives asking me about how things are in "Cypress."

But then some of them are so edgy about that, that one recently put up some photos on Facebook of a family visit to Orlando's Grand Cyprus resort. Of course, the place is really the Grand Cypress.