Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome Sandra McColl

Readers should be familiar with the name of Sandra McColl, whose comments have always demonstrated a commitment to classic Anglicanism combined with serious thought and education. We are happy to say that she has agreed to join us as a member of the team here on The Continuum. Sandra is a member of the TAC and lives in Australia. You may read her profile from the link in her picture.

Welcome aboard.


Fr. Robert Hart said...

We have waved the beard requirement.

Albion Land said...

A very warm welcome to Sandra from the blog's founder, who remembers her fondly as one of its first regular readers and commentators. I have no doubt that you will bring even greater honour to this site.

Meanwhile, I commend Fr Hart and his colleagues for having waved the beard requirement. However, Sandra, I would say that if you are truly committed to this venture you should give serious consideration to rejecting this offer.

poetreader said...

Persnickety grammarian alert!!!!

Brethren, it's "waive" with a little old "i".

And, yes the requirement is waIved -

Sister Hatshepsut - oops, Sandra - sorry 'bout that - you are most exceedingly welcome.


Alice C. Linsley said...

An excellent and wise decision from the bearded ones!

Sandra, I hope to meet you when I come to Melbourne for the Forward in Faith conference in September. That may be my one chance to chat with you face to face (before we meet in heaven). I hope you can attend.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Brethren, it's "waive" with a little old "i"..
And that, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs and cats, Jews and Greeks, is why anyone who relies on his spell cheque is asking for trouble.

Sandra McColl said...

Hullo, Alice, yes, I sincerely hope we will. I still have a foot in FiF, you know.

Hi, Albion. I am giving it prayerful consideration.

I tried to blog myself once, but after about one post I found myself thrust into hospital in an emergency, which turned into surgery, and never went back to it.

Since accepting the invitation to join The Continuum, I've had both parents admitted to hospital on successive nights. At least now, laus Deo, they are in the same hospital. They weren't last night.

Anyway, if the announcement of my joining The Continuum is followed by comparative silence from me, you all know why.

Fr Matthew Kirby said...

I am sorry to hear that, Sandra. I hope and pray all will be well with your parents. God bless you and yours, and welcome.

poetreader said...

Lord, hear and have mercy, look upon thy servants now hospitalized and upon their daughter Sandra. Let thy Holy Spirit pour upon them for healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Canon Tallis said...

Well, we've heard from all the guys who own and run the site, but not a word, not one d*** word about how really nice it is for us readers. What a wonderful gift for our birthday party; we will really enjoy it. So thanks to one and all!

John A. Hollister said...

How gratifying that the Continuum's "front bench" of "weighty Friends" is now well on its way to satisfying that old Chinese wish, "May your life be full of lawyers."

John A. Hollister+

poetreader said...

Well, I'm not one -- but Fr, Hollister is. And that makes one of our faithful friends to sit with the esquires among us.