Friday, January 23, 2009

The Bad Vicar

It appears that some of you are not familiar with this example of evangelism. Designed, no doubt, for the instruction of godly clergy, this video shows one method of church growth. I think, by the way, that I have met this fellow somewhere. He demonstrates the error exactly opposite that of St. Skip.

From That Mitchell and Webb Look.


Canon Tallis said...

He reminded me very much of the rector in Tucson many years ago that had a fit because our mutual hostess, after a two hour wait, started lunch without him. On an even more serious side, it rather reminds me of the English clergy who very rarely celebrated the Eucharist because they believed their parishioners were not worthy of receiving communion, were not capable of salvation.

I believe that we are required to love sinners because we have no idea when God is going to make them saints - and besides we are also required to remember that we, the clergy, from deacon to patriarch are also sinners and need a savior.

poetreader said...

I won't say where or by whom, but I've been treated almost like that by a Continuing priest, merely for belonging to the wrong "jurisdiction". If I hadn't met another (and more gracious_ priest of the same jurisdiction, I'd likely have written them off entirely.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Ed that priest saw you reading their notices and talking about your views and eating other people's biscuits.

Well the BV is a bit harsh but after all they are obviously Episcopalian ringers and we all know the sort, just listen closely to what they said: "I think it is great the way churches have become more inclusive and open-minded these days and is a great place to talk about stuff and meet people and we are not particularly religious but spiritual people". They were snooping around the vestry likely trying to find out what sort of election cycle for church council and how the property is held.

Sounds like the priestess was banished by the Bishop sent to Daventry. Good show I say! Surley we all cheered!

Banished by the Bishop! Fr. Hart had a chuckle on that line I suspect.


An incredibly horrible and twisted layman who is still unaccountably a Continuing Churchman.

Anonymous said...

"Not particularly religious? Interested? Spiritual? Are you testing me, Satan?"


The grains of truth here are poignant: I especially loved the part where the vicar says, "Aren't you all entitled to your half-arsed musings on the divine? You've thought about eternity for 25 minutes and thought you've come to some interesting conclusions."

Thanks for the laugh. Somehow, given a choice, I'd rather put up with a vicar like this than a milque-toast, spineless maggot in a cassock.

St. Worm

Anonymous said...

Mitchell & Webb have submitted scores of skits on "you tube" and the three persons depicted in this skit have appeared together in many of their appearences. Their U. K. version of the "Mac versus P. C." ads are, in my opinion, far superior than the U. S. renditions.
The fellow who plays the "Bad Vicar" (I forget either Mitchell or Webb) has been interviewed several times on the BBC and during one of those interviews trashed the mealy-mouthed, benign, P.C., psuedo ecumenical and hell denying religion that passes for Churchmanship in Great Britain.
So, the focus should be on the ditsy couple: the wimpy, non descript, weak kneed significant other being led around like a pet by his self serving "modern" girl friend. Every active, traditional priest has been confronted by this type of "modern couple" and my guess is have, perhaps in a moment of weakness or clarity, envied the Bad Vicar's response. Which is probably why this skit is so popular with many "Vicars" throughout both the U. S. & U. K.

From an "incredibly horrible and twisted priest".
Joseph DeHart+, ACC

Anonymous said...

I have also found several priests in the Continuing Church who act very much like the priest in the video clip.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

I have also found several priests in the Continuing Church who act very much like the priest in the video clip..

He reminds me of one in particular (a certain bishop actually). However, most of the priests I have known in the Continuing Churches are either ACC, APCK (including former APCK who followed Bp. Florenza into the ACA). Most of these priests have impressed me in a very positive way, as godly, charitable, educated and wise.

David said...

You mean this isn't normal for Priest? Apparently you haven't visited many Orthodox Parishes. I have met a few ROCOR Priest who make this vicar look like a wimp.

I also have met more than a few LCMS Pastors who would use this vicar as a model of Pastoring.

Anonymous said...

According to St Jerome: 'One day Marcion met [Polycarp] by accident, and said to him: Do you recognize me? Whereto he replied: I most certainly do recognize the devil's eldest son.'

There. We have patristic precedent.

And a happy St Polycarp's day to all.

Anonymous said...

So hilarious it demanded a second viewing.

The mean vicar's comment, "You've thought about eternity for 25 minutes and think you've come to some interesting conclusions" is actually pretty accurate denunciation of a lot of (post-)modern "seekers."

Fr. D. said...

Alas, I noted that this has been removed from youtube. Something about improper use.
Fr. D.

Thoughtful Review Guy said...

Apart from the hyperbole, why is he a bad vicar? This fact is plain: g-d isn't supposed to be nice. It is a pleasure to hear Mitchell deliver "Well let me tell you, I stand with two-thousand years of darkness and bafflement and hunger behind me. My kind have harvested the souls of a million peasants! And I couldn't give a [rat's ass] for your Internet-assembled philosophy! ... [That the Church is a place of peace] is a very recent idea, and not one that I think is going to catch on."

As a more-or-less hard-core atheist, I'd take the time to listen to a vicar like that and give him a fair shake to win me over. I might even attend his sermons. The words of a vicar who passionately admits that g-d has kept humanity ignorant and baffled for thousands of years, and yet the vicar passionately labors to bring even the lowliest to salvation, sound far more sincere than any other declarations of faith I've ever heard.