Thursday, October 23, 2008

Muslim persecution of Christians

A reader, Millow Shaw, sent me this link to a report about persecution of Christians in Egypt. I have met the kind of exiled Egyptian Copts mentioned here, who have asylum in the United States, and I know that this report is accurate.

And then you may want to read about this report from Afghanistan about a Christian woman, a "charity worker" from the the U.K.,who was assassinated, gunned down in the streets by the Taliban.


neowagnerite said...

Our Lady, the Mother of God, the Handmaiden of the Lord, would be the first one to condemn this.

Canon Tallis said...

Over ten years ago when I was spending time in Europe I got the impression in talking with representatives of the Coptic pope that it was his policy to attempt to get as many Coptic Christians as possible out of Egypt because of the increasing persecutions leaving only himself and the monks in strategic monasteries there as representative of the ancient patriarchal see. I came away with the impression that they all believed that Muslim repression and persecution was going to increase dramatically in the near future and that they felt it was their own Christian duty to choose life for the Christians of Egypt even if that meant eventual martyrdom for the pope and his monks.
They saw Islamic fanaticism as increasing and unstoppable in Muslim majority countries and seemed to be taking a very calm and ration response to it.

Kevin M. Bell said...

I am reading Belloc's The Great Heresies. He was prescient in anticipating Islam's desire to return to ascendancy. The persecution that Christians will face should Islam be successful in the West will be cheered by many - until they find that Dhimmitude ain't what it's cracked up to be, and that they face their own persecution for their own beliefs and lifestyles. May God protect us.