Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

My very warmest wishes to each and every one of you as we begin a new year in our lives and on this blog.

Thanks to the ever-growing number of readers and to the loyalty of older ones, traffic on The Continuum came close to tripling in 2007 -- from 28,835 visits in 2006 to 75,360.

Of course, there was also a substantial increase -- to 361 from 268 -- in the number of posts, which gave readers a lot more substance.

I can take very little credit for this personally, especially during the past six months, as I have been struggling with trying to sort out my own life. It is to Father Robert Hart that we all owe a vote of gratitude for keeping things rolling.

My prayer for each of you in this new year is that you will continue to grow in faith, in hope and in charity.


poetreader said...

January 1, 2008. A bit of foolishness. that doesn't deserve front page status.

New Year 2008

There was a big party, so I hear,
held at the turning of the year,
a bigger party than I'd have thought,
grander by far than I've ever sought,
where, in celebration of this new date,
it's really true, two thousand ate.

a truly blessed New Year to all.

Warwickensis said...

Hee, hee!

Happy New Year Albion, Ed, Fathers Hart and Kirby. Have a wonderful and inspiring year.

Anonymous said...

Ed, what a pity it isn't 4008 or 5008. Then you could have given it a biblical theme.

I echo Warwickensis.