Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cantuar Heads to Rome: An Interview

The Church Times has published an interview with Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams ahead of his trip to Rome and a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI.

Read it here


ACC Member said...

It was an interesting interview. I liked the Archbishops statement that even if a celebrant didn't believe in the real presence, he couldn't keep the real presence out! I tend to agree with that. Christ created and ordained the sacrament and it will be what he meant for it to be, no matter what a celebrant might think. (Perhaps it is the same with the sacrament of Holy Orders.) I also agree with the Archbishop on not accepting the Doctrine of Papal Infalibility. I don't know how any Anglican could accept that doctrine. I am, ofcourse, dissappointed that he continues to uphold women's ordination, in light of scriptures that specifically forbid it.

Albion Land said...

Ohio Anglican,

I would put to you that Holy Scripture does not "specifically forbid" the ordination of women. It doesn't really speak directly to the issue. Indeed, this is the very reason why there can even be a debate on the question.

Albion Land said...

Ohio Anglican,

Let's move this discussion over to the Women and the Ministry thread, where I think it works better.

Abu Daoud said...

This morning I visited a Syriac Orthodox church here in our city (which you can read about at my blog), and they and us Anglicans should all accept the most ancient form of Roman episcopal authority: the right to appeal to the Petrine See.

This right of appeal was established before the division of Chalcedon, and way before the Great Schism between the East and the West.

++Williams should allow for an appeal to the Roman See. That would be a concrete step.