Friday, October 27, 2006

+Duncan on the Future of Anglicanism

The Rt Revd Robert Duncan, the Episcopal bishop of Pittsburgh and moderator of the Anglican Communion Network, recently made the following address at Nashotah House seminary on the occasion of being awarded an honorary doctorate of divinity. While we may disagree with him on some points, I think he has a great deal to say to us in the continuing movement as we endeavor to live out our faith in the world and as we reflect on Christ's prayer that we may all be one.

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ACC Member said...

It was a good essay/speech. I totally agree that we must return to the scriptures, and the traditional Book of Common Prayer as our ultimate authority. Although, I find it hard to believe that he supports the ordination of female priests---which is quite at odds with numerous scriptures. The BCP is nearly 500 years old, and reflects 1,500 years of previous doctrine & teaching in light of a necessary reliance on the scriptures themselves. I persoanlly agree we should remain true to the BCP. I am always troubled by the disturbing trend in the Continuum of many priests placing various Missals & formularies ahead of the BCP in importance.