Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Will Not Submit

Various commentators on the reactions in the Muslim world to Pope Benedict's address last week have noted how increasingly media savvy the protestors are, at least in the West. Witness the impeccably printed signs in English proclaiming, for example, that "Jesus is Allah's Slave."

Okay, so they got it wrong. Jesus is the Son of God, Incarnate. He is the Lord of the Universe. And I am His slave, Christodoulos, as the Greeks would say.

I will never submit to the sub-Christian sect that is Islam, which denies the Trinity, the Incarnation, the passion and death of Christ on the Cross and His Resurrection. Deo volente, I will also not submit to the bullying carried out by the more extreme members of that sect nor be intimidated by the terror they seek to sow in an attempt to cow us into submission.

That is what the Arabic phrase above says: "I will not submit."

If you never learn any other Arabic, which would be a shame, learn this: "Lan estislam." I will not submit.

And notice that the root of the verb is "islam," which means submission.

So here, for all the Arabic-speaking world to see is my message to them, in their own language: I will not submit.

And now, unto God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, be ascribed, as is most justly due, all might, majesty, dominion, glory and power, now and forever. Amen


axegrinder said...


Are you willing to grant permission for others to use this image on blogs, printouts, etc (non-commercial)?

Jason Kranzusch

Albion Land said...

The answer is yes, as it is not really proprietary; it's simply a phrase in Arabic that I, in turn, picked up from CANN.

I think it would be great on T-shirts, with the English translation on the back.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Thanks for taking a stand Albion. I am often asked if I am a Muslim here in the ME, and I say, No, I am a Christian, Thanks be to God! People do nott run into confident Christians too often :-(

A note on the word you have, it is based on the root "istaslam" which means "he surrrendere." The word for converting to Islam is indeed related, but it is a different form: "aslam," which means "he converted to Islam," or simply, "he submitted." The word istaslam is used regarding armies surrendering or people surrendering to police, the word aslam is only used for conversion to Islam.


Peace and thanks again.

Albion Land said...

Hi Abu Daoud,

Thanks for your comment, but I must say your language lesson has left me confused.

An Arabic-speaking colleague told me that "an esteslam" meant "I do not (will not) submit."

Do you think the subtlety would be lost on the Arabic speaker? The message I am trying to convey actually embraces both things you raise -- submitting to Islam and surrendering to its armies.

Anonymous said...


One more comment on the Arabic: the transliteration is actually "lan istislam". The first letter from the right is an "L" not an "A". I'm not an expert b/c I was only 5 when we emigrated to the U.S., but I'm familiar enough w/ Arabic to be able to offer this correction. The "L" looks similar to the "A" except that the "A" (aleph) is not connected to the "N" (noon).


Albion Land said...


How embarrassing. I'm still only semi-literate in Arabic, and am constantly confusing aleph and lam. I have made the appropriate adjustment in the text.

I guess, then, that is a contraction of "laa" (no) and "ana" (I), which, in turn, is contracted into the verb, with the second "a" dropped. No?

Albion Land said...


I take your point, but I still see no problem on the image. CANN has just linked to my post, and no one there has complained about my using it.

Anonymous said...

T-shirts, a bumper sticker and such have already been done. See here:

Much as I am in sympathy with the idea, I do wonder if a Muslim can wear one, expressing a somewhat different kind of defiance with the same shirt. Just a thought.



Anonymous said...


Yes, it would be clear, asssuming they know the particle "lan" (with an 'L', thank's Joe) which is rather exotic and is not used in conversational Arabic.

But yes, your meaning is quite clear: I will not surrender.


FreeCyprus said...

I will not submit as well. I will not attack Muslims in general, but I will attack those who would kill me and my family:

"Sick and Tired" and "Laskar Jihad"