Saturday, July 15, 2006

About Theosis

I see that while I was busy a few people made comments about theosis, or deification. The subject is rather important, and so, after Sunday, I will take the time to post a blog about this subject. It is a necessary part of our theology of the Incarnation. Anglican tradition is no stranger to this theme at all, and both Hooker and Andrewes were right up there with any of the Orthodox on this matter. For now, simply ponder what Saint Peter said, that we are meant to become "partakers of the divine nature." - II Pet. 1:4


poetreader said...

I'm waiting anxiously. Theosis is one of my favorite themes.


Continuing Home said...
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Albion Land said...

I, too, shall be looking forward to this am sure you will be starting with katharsis and photisis -- the first two rungs on the ladder. I, sadly, still have one foot on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Is there not an element of that here?

Fr. John said...

To even HAVE an Anglican talk about theosis (using that term, yet!) is a sign that all is not lost among those of the English Church!