Friday, March 31, 2006

Lenten Quiet

I am emotionally, physically and spiritually tired, so have decided to do what I should have done several weeks ago and begin to observe Lent in a proper way.

I shan't be posting anymore until after Easter. Here in Cyprus, interestingly, the Roman Catholic Church follows the Orthdox dates for Easter as a courtesy to its faithful, whose holidays are regulated by the Greek calendar. So that will make it April 23 this year.

Hopefully I shall be more focused an active when I return.

A fruitful Lent and Blessed Easter to all of you.

Kalo Pascha


Albion Land said...

My co-hosts, however, are more than welcome to continue posting.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Albion. Blessings upon you and yours for the remainder of Lent.

Anonymous said...

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