Monday, March 03, 2008


are posted through Holy Week at



Dr.D said...

As one come lately to this blog, may I ask, where do these homilies come from? Thanks.

poetreader said...

Dr. D

There is an introduction and letter of permission that appears somewhere on that page.
The homilies do come from my hand, a layman in the ACA who was formerly a Protestant pastor. I was invited by a priest of ACC to undertake this project, which I have done gladly. They are based on the Lectionary of 1940 for MP and EP, and they are offered for use by layreaders when there is no prist present, with the permission of the ACC Bishop of New Orleans. Other layreaders desiring to use them, need, of course, to obtain permission of their bishop and/or supervising priest to use them.
My prayer is that they may be usable for the strengthening of the Church and her people. No more.

You may contact me, if you like at

ed pacht