Sunday, January 15, 2006


Yes, you read it right: Wapwallopen. That's in Pennsylvania, USA.

I just love the name.

As I grow into the life of blogging, I am fascinated by being able to monitor who reads The Continuum. Well, actually, I can't monitor who reads, but I can see where their ISPs are, and Wapwallopen has had me enchanted for weeks now.

I would love to know who it is in, or near, Wapwallopen who is such a dedicated reader of The Continuum. Not that I'm in any position to offer a prize for most interesting town and one of the most dedicated visitors, but I would if I could.

In any case, whoever you are, I welcome you. If you care to identify yourself, I am sure we would all love to know the story behind the name.

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