Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Is the Pope (too) Catholic?

This is good for a giggle.

According to a poll just released by Gallup, a growing number of Americans are becoming disenchanted with the Catholic flavor of Pope Benedict the XVI's papacy.

"It seems that America was looking for someone who could bring the church together and move it towards the center on issues like birth control and women in the priesthood," reported Gallup's Howie Niedigger, "but this Pope has continued to defy public opinion and appears to be solidly Catholic."



Warwickensis said...

Well, just as long as H.H. is devoted to God's opinion (i.e. the Divine Will) rather than being swayed by the World, all's well.

poetreader said...

If they want something that pretends to be Catholic and ain't, why don't they just switch over to ECUSA?

Oooo, am I naughty!


Death Bredon said...

I wonder what the polsters would make of we Anglo-Catholics, who often strive to be more Catholic than the Pope! :-)

Timotheos Prologizes said...

Imagine that . . . a Catholic pope! What will they think of next?