Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen Meet

The Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen holds its biennial gathering at Our Lady of Snows in Belleville, Illinois on June 9, 10 and 11.

As in recent years, the fellowship's meeting will feature professional papers and
speakers within traditional Anglicanism.

Dinner speakers are the Rt Rev'd John Broadhurst, chairman of Forward-in-Faith International (Monday) and the Rt Rev'd George Langberg, president of the ACA's College of Bishops (Tuesday).

The theme of the gathering is "Solutions to the Problem of Traditionalist Anglican Disunity in North America".

Seminar speakers include the Rt Rev'd Paul C Hewett (DHC, on inter-jurisdictional regional cooperation), the Rt Rev'd Winfield Mott (APA on inter-communion agreements), the Rev'd Elijah White (CANA, on the role of overseas bishops), and a special look at the link between female "ordination" and same-sex "marriage".

The cost is $200-$275 and includes lodging. For reservations one can contact DJ Fulton, Treasurer, PO Box 427, Morrow, GA 30260 or "google" Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen.

Sent by Rev'd William Bauer (fr odhran mary)

Board member - Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen

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Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, someone will raise the question as to whether the FCC
stands by the St Louis Affirmation's clear position on the matter of parish ownership of parish property.
In one tiny segment of the Continuum (under its broadest definition) this position has recently been compromised if not repudiated.
Laurence K. Wells

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was accused of being devious by Archbishop Roger Herft of Perth WA (the day he consecrated Australia's first female bishop)and vilified on a local radio station when I suggested that there was a link between WO and same gender 'marriage.'It is pleasing to know that others also see the link.
Bp Harry Entwistle

Fr William Bauer said...

When I gave this to Mr Land and it was originally posted, the headline read: The people who wrote the affirmation of St Louis!

A day later the headline disappeared. And it was THE attention-grabber.


Albion Land said...

I don't know, Fr Bauer.