Monday, February 19, 2007

Growing Together?

Ruth Gledhill, religion correspondent of The Times, has just put the following up on her blog:

"It is yet possible that Dr Rowan Williams, in putting the Gospel mandate for unity before (all) else, including his own one-time liberalism on the gay issue, (might) yet triumph. And then I think it relevant to ask, where next? Could it be that this mild-mannered Archbishop has a mission for unity which reaches far beyond the Anglican shores and its 78 million adherents? I ask this, having just read and written about the first agreed statement from Iarccum, the International Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission. The 42-page report is called Growing Together in Unity and Mission. It is not available online yet as it is still being considered by the Vatican. I've reproduced a few pars below."

NB: Unfortunately, bloggers tend not to have subeditors. In the text above, I have inserted in parantheses the words I think Ruth may have meant to use.

For a clarification of the issues raised by Ruth, see the following from the Anglican and Roman Catholic co-chairmen of IARCCUM.

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