Sunday, February 11, 2007

Depart From Me, Ye Cursed

Every time I think my eyes have fathomed the ultimate depths to which humanity can sink in its selfishness and greed, something happens to show me that I need new glasses.

What nation can call itself Christian, which allows the conditions to exist that lead to such outrages as this?


Anonymous said...

This is the triumph of the "Culture of Death" in a society which kills the unborn and puts its parents out of sight until they die a sanitised death in a hospital somewhere. Look for more of this as more and more hospitals are run on a "for profit" basis--and, beware, many formerly faith-based and run facilities are now administered by entities operating under a "not-for-profit" or "non-profit" cloak but as ruthless as publicly owned entities. People of faith need to carefully monitor these changes in their communities and churches--watch out for management groups taking over hospitals with names including a church's name but operating independently of the church's direct oversight.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

Look not only for more, but for it to made first legal, then acceptable, then mandatory. After all, a paraplegic is a large, overgrown, thoroughly inconvenient fetus.

trastavere said...

I've long said Gattaca is the one SciFi flick that WILL happen. Sadly, Commiefornia is heading that way in my life - so quickly.

That big quake - the one coming sometime - tragic it shall be. Might it also be like breaking an egg to make an omelette?

Some sort of Sodom & Gomorrah cleansing?

Mike the Geek said...

I'm afraid my (larger) homeland makes a point of NOT calling itself Christian these days. Not diverse enough, you know.

I really can't believe I'm saying this, but I wonder how long the USA will hold together. Texas and Freedom!