Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On Pilgrimage

I just discovered a new blog that looks like it might be of interest to readers of The Continuum.

"On Pilgrimage," it is called, and offers the "meandering thoughts and writings of a 'conservative' Catholic priest on route to his heavenly home ..."

The blogger is one Fr Jerome, who describes himself in his profile as "committed to the promotion and study of unity between the Roman, Old and Anglo-Catholic expressions of the Church Catholic. I am a Companion of St John Vianney (CSJV), an ecumenical fraternity of 'catholic' clergy. The fraternity exists to provide a network of fellowship and support to clergy of various 'catholic' denominations to pray for unity and to work towards unity through the sharing of knowledge, experience, devotion and continual formation in the Sacred Ministry."

You can find the blog at http://frjerome.blogspot.com


Jerome+ OSJV said...

Thank you brethren for the reference! I hope it will prove interesting to the Continuum offering an objective perspective to the movement.

Albion Land said...

Fr Jerome,

You're welcome. I look forward to your perspective.