Sunday, August 27, 2006

Does Anyone Know What's Going On?

Fr Jerome, over at On Pilgrimage, has the following observation:

"I have been monitoring with some considerable interest the recent dialogue between the TAC (Traditional Anglican Communion) and the Holy See. When I say 'monitoring' I mean observing the few and sparse official statements in TAC periodicals but reading avidly any written statement posted by Anglo-Catholics of the Continuum on blogs and forums. While I admit, as they do, that these are only personal observations and 'wishes' nonetheless they express a genuine enthusiasm for some movement on the situation. Sadly though I am beginning to perceive that somewhere there has been a 'cooling off' on the official front - while it is rumoured that dialogue has been significant and progressive there seems to be no mention of it officially from the other side... i.e. Rome and nothing much recently from the TAC."

Back in December and January there was much buzz about how the TAC bishops were going to hold an extraordinary syndod of sorts in Rome and that, during their stay, there were likely to be some high-level contacts with the Vatican. Never heard another word about that, though I may have missed it.

Ironically, a blog created specifically for the purposes of providing news and speculation on Anglican-Roman reconciliation, The Rome Report, ceased to provide any sort of news or speculation after its final posting on Feb 21.

Do any readers from the TAC, or Rome, have any clue what, if anything, is going on?


poetreader said...

One desires to speculate endlessly about this dialogue (and I've done my share of it), but we have been officially asked by our bishops to avoid such discussion as far as possible. There are still talks going on, but, now that the original excitement of "first-meeting" has passed, and serious thiniking is going on, it apparently is felt that the results are still so half-baked that any open presentation would end up being misleading. All we can do is stay tuned for future developments.


Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the Pastoral Provision (Roman option for continuing Anglicans in the US)conference in Scranton, PA, early last June? There it was clearly stated by the administrator of the Provision (clearly with hierarchical approval) that Rome was not contemplating a uniate type reunion for continuing Anglican groups as is apparently being sought for by the TAC. Guest speaker at the conference was none other than Card.Avery Dulles--the leading RC ecclesiologist and an Anglican con- vert himself.

What is curious is the complete silence by the TAC leadership on the conference ever since. It seems that Wm Oddie's book, The Roman Option, although dealing specifically with the same matter in England a few years ago, may go a long way to explaining the reticence of the Holy See for corporate Anglican reunion in some 'uniate' format.