Saturday, January 21, 2012

Third Sunday after the Epiphany

I have assigned preaching to Fr. Charles Lindsay this week, so here is a sermon I wrote for this Sunday (based on the American propers).

Gustave Dore' Bible Illustrations

John 2:1-11

Today we will look at three important things meant to be drawn out, exegeted, from this portion of the Gospel of John. These are:

1) Christ’s presence at a wedding
2) His phrase “my hour”
3) The title that he gives to His mother, namely, “Woman.”

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Alice C. Linsley said...

I've often pondered Jesus calling His mother "Woman" as it seems a direct reference to Gen. 3:15. Later our Lord refers to Himself as the "Seed" that must die in order to bring life, also a direct reference to Genesis 3.

Canon Tallis said...

So much of the Gospel of St. John seems to be a commentary upon the book of Genesis.

As for the wedding, I can not remember who it was that speculated that the wedding was that of St. John himself which would go some way to explaining the presence of both Mary and Jesus as well as her desire that it go off well if it were a family matter. Father Wells will probably supply the authorship of the speculation.

Again, and without checking, I also seem to remember when our Lord next refers to his mother as 'Woman' is when he tells her to regard John as her son while telling John to regard her as his mother. I have always regarded that what he said to John there, he was also saying to the Church and to all Christians.