Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Circumcision of the Christ

January 1, 2012. Click here for the sermon on video.


Anonymous said...

Fr Hart....Unfortunately for myself, I am not in a position to view your on-line sermons, as I do not receive a suitable broadband connection. How I miss being able to read what you preach on Sunday's and Holy Days. Would you consider thinking again?

Fr John

Anonymous said...

Reading a sermon enables me to more carefully ponder the nuts and bolts of the message being presented. I am a painter. Visual stimuli can sometimes cause me to disengage from the spoken word... that is, I can experience a sense-information overload, the consequence of which is I end up processing very little of what is being said. I handled this problem in college by taking copious notes so that I could later digest the information properly in the quiet of my study space.

Anyway, I would also appreciate it if you might return to publishing your sermons for the readers among us.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Donald said...

Dear Father,

I hope you'll post both. The videos of your sermons is a great blessing to me.