Friday, November 09, 2007

W "O" in another venue

This story from the Herald Tribune (with embarrassing typos) tells of a woman's "ordination" movement in another venue, where the problem is handled very well by a Roman Catholic bishop.

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Ecgbert said...

Very sensible.

Essentially by being ordained this way these women, no matter what they tell themselves, are leaving the Roman Church, just like if they became Episcopalians or United Church of Christ ministers, and joining a vagante church, excommunicating themselves.

I think joining one of these little churches is appealing unlike becoming an oldline Protestant because it's easier for them to pretend they're still really RC.

And to be fair to them they are taking all the dodgy catechesis they've had for four decades to a logical conclusion, ¿no?

As for the Controversial Issue­™ they're publicising, it only seems to come up among the upper middle class in Europe and America (as it has done in the oldline Protestant churches there), and note how old its proponents in the Roman Church are (both these women are in their 60s). Most practising RC youth don't agree and are with Rome and tradition.

Me? The larger church trumps everything else.

'That's it?'

That's it.