Monday, April 24, 2006

Fr Robert Hart a/k/a Donald Sutherland

A little bit of mirth as I return after Easter.

Fr Hart forwarded to me this morning the following item from Touchstone editor David Mills, posted on Mere Comments.

The Continuing Robert Hart Our own Robert Hart has a weblog you may find of interest, called The Continuum. The heading describes it as "A place where those who live in the Anglican Continuum, or who are thinking of moving there, might share in robust, if polite, discussion of matters theological and ecclesiological."

His fans can find his picture at the bottom of the page. He looks a bit like Donald Sutherland.

I wrote to Mr Mills, explaining that the blog is mine and that Fr Hart is one of the co-hosts. I also explained that the photo to which he referred was, naturally, of me. Ironically, I have been getting hit with this Donald Sutherland look-alike business ever since Kelly's Heros came out in 1970.

I could write a short book on my experiences. Most recently, about six years ago, Sutherland and I both happened to be in London at the same time, though I doubt he was aware of it. He was staying at the Savoy Hotel. One of my friends challenged me to go up to the concierge, say I had lost my room key and see what happened. I chickened out, because I really thought he might have given me the key.

Anyway, I shall let our readers decide whether DS and I have anything in common in the looks department.

But more importantly. I have never seen Fr Hart face to face -- virtually or otherwise. Just to clear up any confusion, perhaps he would be kind enough to post a photo of himself.

Meantime, the confusion over at Mere Comments may stem from the fact that my co-hosts (including Fr Matthew Kirby and ACA Reader Ed Pacht) are now able to post directly. I gave them the keys last week, as I had been giving serious thought to giving up and moving on. But Fr Kirby has convinced me to stay.

Hope all that makes sense. Meanwhile, in the next day or so, I shall be posting something on what underlay my frustration. And in that vein, look for something, too, from Fr Matthew. Posted by Picasa

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