Friday, March 17, 2006

Hepworth on OW and Communion

The TAC primate, Archbishop John Hepworth, has written about divergence in the Anglican world over the question of ordaining women and its impact on the matter of communion.

Powerful Anglican forces have continued to attack the integrity of those Anglicans who remain opposed to the ordination of women to the Diaconate, Priesthood and Episcopate.

At the same time, an end to the debate (sometimes known as a “period of reception”) has been clearly signalled. Conservative Primates of the Anglican Communion have asserted more strongly than hitherto that the ordination of women is not a matter of faith, and therefore not “Communion-breaking”. Many of the Primates who form the “Global South” ordain women, or allow such ordinations within their Provinces. In several Provinces where the ordination of women has been long established, “conscience clauses” that permitted the survival of dissent have been revoked, and affirmation of the ordination of women is necessary for ordination, even of male candidates.

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