Wednesday, July 20, 2022

The Moral Collapse of FIRST THINGS

Having written my share of book reviews, I have always been of the mind that one should first read the book. Apparently the editorial staff at First Things holds no reviewer to such a lofty standard. When it comes to FT reviews, my advice is simple: Never judge a book by how it’s covered; at least not in that formerly fine publication that has become a rag. If anyone fell for the libel they published, a dishonest book review by Gerald McDermott, read this and be set straight.

McDermott’s Ignorant Slander

Gerald McDermott has published a review of Tradition and Apocalypse by David Bentley Hart that is riddled with lies of which McDermott must be aware. I think I counted over twenty books by Gerald McDermott, and I’ve read two of them in my youth with some lasting appreciation. Therefore, this demonstration of sad desperation (perhaps mixed with some abject ignorance), has me genuinely disappointed. Since McDermott’s review is so dense with gross and intentionally misleading falsehoods, I am tempted to go through it sentence by sentence, but I will resist and only start that way.

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