Thursday, January 14, 2021


Many of you trusted me in the past, especially when we were threatened by those who tried to bully Continuing Anglicans into the RCC. You were assured by my defense of our orders, the validity of our sacraments, and the truth of our doctrine and patrimony. I am still the same man. My reputation has been under assault because I have consistently refused to violate my conscience, formed by the Word of God, in order to give public allegiance to a political agenda of fear and hate, oppression of the poor, and hatred of the stranger who flees to us for Asylum. I refuse, also, to tolerate chaos, violence, and insurrection against the Rule of Law in the United States. Those of you who, in your hearts, have placed a very sinful man on the throne rightfully belonging only to the Lord Jesus Christ, must immediately cease from all further propagation of your political sympathy with the violent terrorists who threaten a violent revolution in the United States.


Thiago Santos de Moraes said...

Don't be so simple, the real threat is that the "country club oligarchy" remains in power.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

No, I am aware that Trump’s legacy is going to be an increase in the right-wing terrorism that has concerned the F.B.I. these last few years, as their number one worry.

derril said...

Thank you for your courage, Fr. Hart. You knew you would receive criticism. For what it's worth, I absolutely agree with your stated convictions.