Monday, July 02, 2012

A Parishioner's Art

One of the members of my Parish, technically a Catechumen preparing for baptism, is an artist. Her name is Di Mathews. She and her husband, Bob, create and sell high quality digital paintings. Over the past year or some of her work has expressed specifically Christian themes, as part of her journey.

Both Bob and Di use Realist and Symbolist genres, among others, and emphasise sensitivity to and respect for the natural environment. Much of Di's work involves amazingly detailed representations of small creatures: often the kind that are not cute or fluffy, so to speak. Bob's abstract works integrate religious, psychological and scientific themes.

A recent example of Di's artwork can be found here. The artist's statement accompanying the work is, in my opinion, excellent. It is catechesis in itself.

Our readers may well enjoy browsing other pages on that blog site and its links to their related art sites.

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diavma said...

A journey blessed with the perfect companion and guide.