Saturday, December 17, 2011

The best way to remember Hitchens

From a TV interview with David Bentley Hart.


Colin Chattan said...

One hopes and prays that Christopher Hitchens, when he encounters the Source and Ground for all truth, beauty, goodness, meaning, and order - as well as for the courage that his brother Peter (a traditional Anglican - perhaps we see a little of the divine sense of humour here?!?) attributes to him in his beautiful eulogy at, without which they cannot exist as objective realities, may have a change of heart or, more accurately, will. But, of course, it's now all in the hands of God whose grace and mercy infinitely exceed anything we can even imagine (please note: I am affirming God's boundless mercy and grace - not the universalist argument).

A blessed Advent to all!

Bruce said...

Fr. Hart,

What your brother refers to as "certain fundamentalist circles" is pretty much all conservative Protestants as far as I can tell.

Do you teach or can orthodox Anglicans teach what he says here about some of the hard to understand OT stories:

"serves as a spiritual guide to the degree that the mind of Christians read it and allegorize it in relation to the truth that was revealed in Christ”