Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Taken in West Palm Beach, Florida during the Provincial Synod of the ACC-OP. From left to right, Archbishop Robinson of the UECNA, Archbishop Haverland of the ACC-OP, Presiding Bishop Marsh of the ACA, Presiding Bishop Grundorf of the APA.


Anonymous said...

This should give us all hope.

Fr. Steve said...

This picture does, indeed, give us all hope. If we can push past our differences, jettison the past and embrace the future, we can reverse the damage we have done to ourselves. God bless this coming together, and grant that it bears much fruit.

Canon Tallis said...

I think I understand what Father Steve means, but, as Anglicans, as true Catholics and as Christians, we cannot jettison the past. The past contains our Christian DNA and by sorting it out and embracing it we will, by God's good and sweet grace, gain our future.

With apologies to Father Steve, but it is important to remember that we are where we are because PECUSA and the Anglican Church of Canada did their best to jettison the Christian past to create a neo-pagan present with Christian costumes. We are where we are and who we are because we opted to retain as we each saw it the best of the past of classical Anglicanism and primitive Catholic Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Abp. Provence, of the Anglican Province of Christ the King, (APCK) could fianlly shake off the iconoclastic shadow of the old Berkeley and join in this "second generation" healing?


Anonymous said...

A question arises for me..Is not Bishop Grundorg and the APA in full communion with the REC and they the REC hooked up up with the ACNA as a founding member?

Anonymous said...

How about you shaking off your own attitude.
Lets have peace and cooperation but lets not forget to take a shot as the opportunity arises.
your attitude and comment certainly wont lend itself to any co operation...might even run more tha a few off and sour the whole thing.
nice work
I serve in an APCK parish and resent your post.


Fr. Robert Hart said...

The REC left its concordat with the APA & Bp. Grundorf behind to join the ACNA.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that the ACA is acting independently in regards to this "getting together". I am very pleased about the intercommunion arrangements between the ACA and the APA. It should be noted that the ACA is still officially part of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), although it has asked the TAC Primate to resign.
An important stage will be reached when the Ordinariates are established in the USA, Canada and Australia. There are strong rumours that Rome will not establish an Ordinariate in Australia because the prospective number interested is nowhere near the figures put forward by Archbishop Hepworth. I would be pleased to hear if someone can give us an update on the matter of these Ordinariates.
We are also awaiting the media release from the Secretary of the TAC College of Bishops concerning the status and intention of ++Hepworth regarding his position with the TAC.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like Apb. Hepworth will be involved in the reunion of Continuing Anglicanism. Here is an update from Australia:

"THE South Australian archbishop who claims to have been raped by three Catholic priests more than 40 years ago began mediation with the church last night.
The Traditional Anglican Communion's John Hepworth was last night due to meet mediator John Fleming, a former Anglican priest who converted to Catholicism, to discuss his calls for the diocese to recognise the alleged abuse." Verity Edwards for The Australian-11/4/11-12:00 am

How will this affect the TAC?

Will the other TAC Bishops follow him?

Anonymous said...

It seems like ++Hepworth will escape any consequences for the disintegration of the TAC. If the news reports are accurate he "cut a deal" with the Roman Catholic Church to be accepted back into the fold in spite of...................

Fr. Robert Hart said...

A deal? He will not be accepted back to minister as a clergyman. Such a deal simply will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Apb. Hepworth is bargaining with the Roman Catholic Church - the deal is that he will drop charges against Ian Dempsey if the RC will acknowledge the sexual assaults he has alleged were committed by the other two priests. Following the pattern RC clergy abuse, it is doubtful this will happen without witnesses and an indictment.