Thursday, June 16, 2011

More on Nigerian persecution by muslims

(From an email forwarded by Bishop Peter Robinson)

We appreciate your prayers, support and encouragement. All we need is people who would always and consistently stand in the gap for us. We need intercessors.

Please, pardon me this letter has to be short because I have to go for a meeting now. Christians from all the denominations in this state are meeting this morning. We are going to meet to discuss something about the present Governor's agenda about Christian community in Zamfara state.

Zamfara state was the first state in Nigeria that introduced sharia legal system that makes Muslims to discriminate against Christians. The former Governor who lost in the just conducted April 2011 election was very kind and sympathetic to us but the present one who won the election and boy to the first one who introduced it has now started fighting against us. He says now he is going to bring back real sharia that was introduced in 2000 that made many of the Southern Christians to leave this state for East and South.

Now they will bring the issue of not building churches or even selling a parcel of lands to Christians or giving their houses for rent to them. They will also stop our ladies wearing trousers or allowing female to be in the same public transport with male. This is barbaric to us but to them we have to take it because we don't belong here. They will also forced our female students or nurses to wear jihap (Kind of clothes female in Saudi Arabia). Please keep praying for us.
Many thanks indeed, every blessing.

+John Danbinta

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