Friday, May 20, 2011

Tic TAC Toe: The Future of the TAC Anglo-Catholic Vagante

David Virtue has posted an insightful commentary on VOL.

The feisty Australian ecclesiastical cowboy of The Traditional Anglican Communion John Hepworth is doing his best to corral the Roman Catholic Church into accepting his herd of Anglo-Catholic cows. The only problem is the Vatican Bull is not exactly pawing the ground as he looks over the thinly educated herd.

This week the vicar-general of Torres Strait TACites, the largest of the TAC herd, wrote to VOL asking for a copy of Hepworth's infamous letter to confirm for himself that the things I wrote were what Hepworth actually said. The cowboy ripped Canadian Catholic (Archbishop Thomas Collins) bull for duplicity and much more. Is the vicar-general planning a coup d'état of his own like the US and the Canadians by announcing that Torres Strait Anglo-Catholics are likewise not interested in being corralled by Hepworth into the Vatican pen?

The rest of the piece can be found here.

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