Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A quick look into the madhouse

Left over from the time in which I added to a meager living by reporting and commenting for The Christian Challenge, I still receive email from Episcopal Life Online. Generally I delete it. But, my curiosity was aroused when I saw that Mizzz Jefforts-Schori had attempted to discuss "the pursuit of happiness." I wanted to know what such a clergyperson, the same one who thinks cow flatulence is the main focus of Easter, would have to say about a few of Jefferson's words. How much anti-scholarship would she show? (By the way, here is a clue to right understanding: "Pursuit" in 1776 would have meant occupation, what one does for a living; it did not mean to chase something.) I never got around to reading her brilliant insights, because curiosity has its limits, and one can take only so much banality in one day.

Instead, my eye caught a headline that the TEC Commission on Liturgy and Music was being asked to create a service for Same Sex Blessings that is "done with intention, truthfulness and that begins with the words 'dearly beloved.'...It needs to sound like something that's recognizable." In other words, they really mean to treat their ceremony as if it were the celebration of a sacrament. The Church, after all, does not marry anyone, but simply blesses the marital union. Don't be fooled by the absence of the word "Marriage." This is what the "Ordination" of women was all about in the first place: It was about getting them to this point in their development of doctrinal error by making the sex of a person irrelevant to a sacrament.

I don't know what they want to do with liturgy, but I suggest that for music they include the song "Frankie and Johnnies were lovers" in a new edition of the Hernia. It must be called a Hernia, because "Hymnal" is sexist. "Hernia" would be more inclusive by excluding every real Hymn.

Back to real life after looking in at the madhouse.


Colin Chattan said...

And in place of one of the expunged hymns I would suggest that it might not be inappropriate to include Weird Al Yankovic's reverential homage to James Brown, "Living with a Hernia." Surely no progressive, enlightened woman, I mean woperson, I mean woperdaughter, would object?

Canon Tallis said...

I think, Father, that we have come to live in a world of madness with the Episcopal Church vying for the Nobel prize for same. It is one of the things which drives me back to the psalter and the life of prayer as we find it in the Book of Common Prayer. That being affirmed, it is wonderful to find a priest yet sane which I am no longer so sure than any of us can be.

How soon will it be before the civil authorities are forced to post Episcopal Churches as places where one cannot take children under eighteen without being charged with child endangerment.

AFS1970 said...

Sadly TEC will never be a place where children are not allowed, they have an integral role to play in the forced indoctrination of children for this evil agenda.

charles said...

It would be great to have a list of abuses and scandals by TEC, but it might be too many to count. There's still too many people in TEC who don't understand why others have left, mainly because they have no idea of the monkey-business on the national and international level. Maybe when the new marriage liturgy for gay union is finally in the pew... What else could be next?