Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Housekeeping note

I've been thinking, and have decided that I should post this.

Last night I rejected a pair of comments, not because I disagreed with them, though I indeed did. We cheerfully entertain opinions here that merit our very strong objection. A reader of this blog will see a great deal of that, and the discussion is often lively.

No, I rejected these because they were gratuitously insulting and intended to be so, not arguments of a point of view, but rather more like slaps in the face. We don't do that here. Readers may criticize us as they feel it necessary, but with expressed reasons, please, and without sneering and angry attacks. Let's act like Christian gentlemen and ladies. Thank you.



Alice C. Linsley said...

Thanks, Ed. Reasoned discussion is valuable yet far too rare. Many who can't reason well or who are insecure resort to insults and attacks on those with whom they disagree.

Albion Land said...

And now a comment from the founder and father of this blog. The masthead says quite clearly, and has done so since the very first day, that we expect to engage in robust conversation here, but conversation that is polite. If you can't keep it clean, if you don't know the meaning of Christian charity, then take it elsewhere. It does not belong here.

poetreader said...

Thank you, my brother,
Your reasoned voice is always welcome and desired, and when we do not hear from you, it is missed.


Fr. Robert Hart said...

I can well imagine whose comments were rejected. This fellow has his own blog, and I want him to know he can comment here again, as long as he is polite. He is invited to make the same arguments too. I imagine him going to his own blog to brag that he stumped us. Not so, Charlie.

I will be off line until Friday.

By the way, Ed means rejected, not deleted. They were never published.

poetreader said...

Thanks. I'll make that technical correction.