Friday, October 17, 2008

Fr. John Hollister's Layreader sermon for St.Luke 2008

In addition to the sermons I post, and the links to sermons from Ed Pacht, Fr. John Hollister creates Layreader sermons in a PDF format. These are normally meant to go along with Morning Prayer lessons. The plan here is to add a "page element" to the right side of the blog after this initial post.

For the Feast of St.Luke, here is the link to the PDF file. The pages are scrambled because it is meant to be printed and folded.

UPDATE: I think I have found the solution to the problem mentioned in the comments below. Please, someone, hit the link and let me know if the PDF file opens now for someone other than me on another computer.


poetreader said...

I clicked the link provided. It doesn't seem to lead anywhere.


Sandra McColl said...

So did I. It led to a Google void.

Fr. Robert Hart said...

It seems that until we figure out a better method, one need only to sign up for free to the Google thingamujig, and then it should open up.

poetreader said...

aupposedly I already have such an account, but nothing links to the file in question.


Tom McHenry+ said...

I tried it at about 8:20 pm and the link works. Thanks for fixing it, and for posting Fr. John Hollister's Layreader sermons

Tom McHenry+
Archdeacon, DMAS

Will said...

Fr. Hart,

Just to let you know, I tried accessing the PDF file at your link and it worked just fine. I have never seen that "A.nnotate" site before and will have to try it myself!