Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lancelot Andrewes on the Real Presence

A good read on the sacramental theology of Lancelot Andrewes can be found at De Cura Animarum by a C of E priest, Fr. Jeffrey Steel. I shall paste a teaser below.

"First of all it goes without saying that Andrewes rejected transubstantiation. He denied transubstantiation on three fronts: 1) he denied any ‘bodily’ presence of Christ in the sacrament in any sort of a natural mode [so did Trent]. 2) he denied it in terms of terminology since he did not find the substantial language in the early Fathers and 3) he denied it in the context of the political climate of the day. That being acknowledged, what Andrewes did not deny that Calvin clearly denies was that Christ is contained under these signs, and that it is there that we must seek him."

You may read the rest by clicking here.

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