Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gospel of Thomas authorship verified by scholar

After many years doubts laid to rest.

the Pandemonium Observer, March 26, 2009

The controversial "Gospel of Thomas" has long been considered the work of a third century Gnostic writer. At least it has been targeted for attack by those who oppose the trend to treat it, and countless other such works, as wrongly excluded from the New Testament Canon. In what is sure to be a controversial book, and even more controversial T.V. program on the National Geographic channel, Nabal Tonto has discovered that the writing, far from being a third century Gnostic work, was actually the writing of none other than Thomas himself.

"This ought to top the effect of the 'Judas Gospel,' the 'Tomb of Jesus', and even The Da Vinci Code itself," said Tonto; "At least I had better break even."

Tonto's discovery has been preserved from the critical scholarship of historians and archaeologists so that he can bring it directly to the public. "The people themselves ought to be able to judge the authenticity of my claims," said Tonto, "and what better way for them to make an accurate assessment than by means of a special on television?"

Along with producer Gene Pool and director Rick Shaw (the team best known for the films, Helen does Houston, and their remake of Gone with the Wind) Tonto and National Geo have made a special timed to air, coincidentally, with the upcoming Easter weekend.

Pool said, "This is a monumental discovery, one that presents a challenge to the faith of every Christian."

Tonto spent years documenting from eyewitness accounts, reliable hearsay, and studio records, that Thomas would often hide away in his dressing room between filming of scenes for Make Room for Daddy, writing his Gospel. See the evidence for yourself, and you may rightly ask if the New Testament Canon, so long defended by close-minded hard-nose Christians, has ever been complete. See it if you dare.


  1. As one who knew Danny Thomas in my childhood as a friend of my uncle and a member of their circle, I am not entirely sure that I am up to the fun of this. Danny was a devout Christian, a believer in miracles and a very hard worker for his favorite charity.

    But I do understand the point of it all.

  2. Fr. Hart:

    I started to poke a little fun myself by posting a sarcastic admonition directed at you for posting such a naughty article. However, given that we live in a time when this kind of stuff will actually be served up to the public as serious scholarship, I decided that some passing New Age gnostic who reads your blog might think I actually sympathized with this guy Tonto and thereby be encouraged in his error. So instead of sarcasm, I'll offer this: whereas in the past I admit I have had some real unease about the supposed inaccuracies of Holy Scripture, due in great measure to the kind of "scholarship" offered by outlets like PBS and Nat Geo, this kind of nonsense has served to relieve me of any remaining obligation I felt to take seriously any of these clowns. Serious, thoughtful scholarship, even when it appears at first blush to challenge Holy Scripture, must be dealt with honestly. This stuff is just a cynical assault on the faith, without foundation.

    May God bless your continued ministry.


  3. Canon Tallis, the satire is not aimed at the great comedian himself. In fact, I would like to think he is up in Heaven chuckling at it.

  4. Father Hart,

    And he would be. If anyone would love it, he would.

  5. Anonymous2:59 AM

    What calendar do you use over there? Down Under, 1 April isn't until next week.

  6. Isn't it a few days till April Fools' Day yet?

  7. Sandra McColl asked,"What calendar do you use over there? Down Under, 1 April isn't until next week." Similarly, wnpaul said, "Isn't it a few days till April Fools' Day yet?"

    To paraphrase Our Lord, "The fools are ever with us." To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, "The Lord must love the terminally silly, because He made so many of them."*

    Just as every Friday is a little Good Friday and every Sunday a little Easter, so every day is a little April Fools' Day.

    John A. Hollister+
    *The late Harold Wilson liked to retreat to a holiday venue in the Scilly Islands off Cornwall, especially when the political heat was up. Accordingly, during his tenure as Prime Minister, there was a vogue for buttons that said simply, "Scilly Wilson".


  8. I am observing the Pre-April's Fools season.

  9. Anonymous5:32 PM

    The Pre-April Fool's season sounds horribly like 'Christmas' Down Under, except that the latter begins in October and stops abruptly after lunch on 25 December.

    I do hope, however, that you'll observe the octave. We can all do with a laugh.

  10. And what prayer book would that be found in, Father Hart?